Trust the Process

We all have a choice to make.  Push forward or step back when challenges approach life’s many transitions.

The power is in your hands!  I need your help in navigating this next momentous transition.  Will you help me through this challenge?

“The Power of 20”

As you read this, I would like you to pay close attention to your current location, or your “20.”  We all KNOW where we have been and where we currently are, but we tend NOT to focus on WHAT we are doing in the present.  Primarily, this is because we focus MORE on where we are going, we focus on our future transitions and not enough on the current moment.  I ask you to take the next 20 or more seconds to stay with me here in the present and reflect on my journey, and the power of 20.

I am about to encounter a tremendous milestone, and a very difficult transition.  In August, I began my final year of service, as I will retire from the Air Force next August with 20 “good years” of Service.  20 years, half my lifetime has been spent serving this amazing country.  20 Memorial Days, 20 Veteran Days, 20 Armed Forces Days and something I will not miss, 20 annual PT tests and 20 PHA Exams.  I signed my initial enlistment contract on Aug. 20 over 20 years ago and left for Basic Training days later.  It has been 20 years since I endured my first deployment to Iraq during the initial push, but it would not be my last, as I have had the privilege to support both OEF and OIF on numerous occasions.  In 2020, we began our withdrawal from Afghanistan and in 2021, 20 years after we first entered Afghanistan, I was part of the team who monitored the final pieces of the withdrawal, as I tried to recount my numerous experiences supporting operations in and out of country.  20 years of service that could fill a lifetime!

The power of 20 can be intoxicating, can represent fear, courage, challenge, success, but most of all potential!  The potential to overcome, the potential to live in the now and strive for success, and the potential to ensure the next 20 years of service is just as memorable (in its own way of course).

Are you all still with me….I hope so, because I need your help and support during this exciting transition, and I am calling on ALL who represent what “the Power of 20” can do!  In 2020, I began writing a book titled “Foresight is 20/20.”  It represents our ability to succeed and power through obstacles and barriers through our many transitions, to achieve our true potential!  The book was published in 2021 during my last deployment with little buzz, so the book has lied dormant since its release.  As I enter my final year of service towards my next unforgettable transition, I am asking for your support in achieving my goal and letting the contents of the book achieve its true potential.  As I enter my 20th year towards retirement, my goal is to change the lives of 20,000 people by selling 20,000 copies of my book.  As many of us know, the power of 20 is immeasurable, and I challenge you all to help me prove it!  Below is the link to help me attain this amazing feat and I appreciate any support you can provide.  In addition, please share this link with anyone you think may be interested, as I would like to provide this opportunity to anyone looking to support my transition into the next version of 20!

Let’s show what the power of 20 can do!  Thank you all for taking the time to read this, share this, and help me attain my goal of 20,000 copies sold, as it will truly help drive the next 20!  God Bless and Aim High!

About the author

Michael Warner has over 20 years’ experience navigating the field of training, development and instruction.  He has spent his entire adult life and career working in public service, both as a government civilian and member of the military.  Michael has earned both a Masters and Doctoral degree in Education, specializing in Performance Improvement and Development in addition to numerous training-based certifications, and is the Founder and CEO of Summit Performance Solutions, LLC.  When he is not serving his country, Michael enjoys reading, writing, playing piano, watching sports, exercising, traveling and spending as much time outdoors with his family.  His family means the world to him, and his accomplishments are just as much theirs as his own.  Michael resides in the Charleston, SC area with his beautiful wife and two amazing boys.

“The power of 20” can be both fearful and fearless, as it takes courage, confidence and support in navigating life’s many transitions.  Please support me in my journey, as I wrote this book to support all those who are navigating similar  challenges and obstacles in their own life transitions.

Trust the Process and let’s navigate this journey together!

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Be on the lookout for more information, strategies and techniques to support  book content, additional products, and the availability of consulting and training development services offered by Summit Performance Solutions LLC.  Trust the process and let’s change the dynamic towards success together!

In addition…I am happy to report that my second book “Cleared to Engage: Overcoming Fear with Accuracy” is in production and has an estimated release date of late 2024.  A perfect way to overcome your fears with accuracy through the end of 2024 as you transition into 2025!