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Overcoming obstacles is a natural occurrence though life's many transitions, as we see in the content presented in “Foresight is 20/20.” The courage to move through these transitions and attack obstacles and barriers is within us, we just need to believe in ourselves and trust the process! Be on the look out for future books which tackle the concept of fear through life’s transitions with accuracy!


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About us

Summit Performance Solutions LLC is a Veteran-Owned and Operated business, which can provide guidance and assistance on the numerous aspects of learning and development within your small business, through consulting, training and facilitation services.  With over 20 years experience in the field of performance improvement and development, the members of SPS can help you transform your organizations training program to attain the highest level of performance and potential.  In addition to consulting, SPS offers professional development products, strategic workshops, one-on-one coaching and special projects to address any training development needs for your small business.

The founder and CEO of Summit Performance Solutions LLC believes that effective training provides the framework for a successful business.  In addition, he believes that small businesses and entrepreneurs suffer from two major problems, the lack of training or development resources, and the depth of knowledge needed to create the proper training plan, which depends on their current mission or intended outcomes.  Remember, it’s a process and we need to trust the process in order to attain the highest level of performance.  Both shortfalls discussed can lead to  lowered expectations, lack of business and personal growth, and ineffective output, which can instill burnout and high turnover.

Summit Performance Solutions LLC believes that it can truly help these small businesses and entrepreneurs create the blueprint of their vision and ensure each member of the organization is trained effectively, to attain the highest level of performance and potential, while exploiting weaknesses and filling the gaps!


SPS is committed to the enhancement of effective training by helping small businesses address concerns within their training program, in order to achieve success at the highest level.  SPS professionals offer high-quality and collaborative consulting and development services for ALL levels of training.  Our vision is to become a sustainable and innovative company, providing effective guidance at the highest level, while giving back to the Veteran Community.


SPS is a Veteran Owned and Operated Business, whose sole purpose is to help small businesses reach the highest level of training and development by assisting them in creating and implementing their desired blueprint for training.  As a Veteran outreach organization for life’s transitions, SPS applies innovative ideas acquired through 20 plus years of military service to assist small businesses reach their full potential by advising them on the most effective and efficient ways to reach their peak!  Our mission at Summit Performance Solutions LLC is to stimulate learning and development by providing effective tools, such as Gap Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Action Planning and consulting services, in addition to performance improvement workshops to assist with facilitation.


Summit Performance Solutions LLC delivers high-end, detailed, collaborative and quality consulting services.  The aim is to provide small businesses with the comfort and confidence needed, by providing deep analysis and recommendations in decision making and implementation when it comes to training

Training Development and Facilitation

Summit Performance Solutions LLC will provide the blueprint for your organizations training program.  This will include a gap analysis, SWOT analysis, Action Planning and effective methods of facilitation.  The goal is to provide your business with the most effective methods to enhance the knowledge and skills of its members to improve performance and boost potential, and serve at the highest level

Performance Improvement and Business Development

Summit Performance Solutions LLC delivers advanced performance improvement tactics, techniques and strategies for success in the form of seminars, workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions, which look to help individuals within the organization to grow and achieve their training goals at the highest level, while implementing innovative business development milestones


To build a solid reputation in the field of training and development, by providing detailed and effective outcomes and fostering positive and reputable connections so that others in the industry will refer clients in need of dependable service


Look to maintain an expansive presence on the internet and on social media, which stays loyal to small businesses and its clients, while showcasing SPS’s Veteran owned and operated consulting and development services

Profits and Return on Investment

To attain a healthy profit in the first and second year, fostering a positive gross margin in order to payback on the initial investment, but more importantly build on the initial concept to expand and offer enhanced services to our clients

Long Term Vision

In addition to maintaining steady growth that will sustain the business long-term, SPS will look to enhance Veteran outreach outlets and add to already available services, to include recruitment and placement services

Support Change

The overall goal of SPS services is to be instrumental in effective change in the field of training and development for small businesses.  We are all capable of change, and can reach our peak, our potential and perform at the highest level if we trust the process!

After the initial consultation, Summit Performance Solutions LLC will provide you with a SWOT Analysis, which examines both internal and external factors to your current program.  This will help your organization challenge assumptions, uncover blind spots and build an effective training program.


SPS will outline what the current plan does well, what effective resources can be implemented in the new plan, what others may see as “effective”, and the overall positives associated with your current training program


SPS will layout where improvements can be made, where there is a lack of resources , and what other’s outside of the organization may see as a weakness in your current training program


The sky is the limit!  SPS will summarize what opportunities are open to you in creating an effective training program, what trends you may want to take advantage of, and ultimately how you can turn your strengths into opportunities


SPS will provide a rundown of the aspects which can hurt your training program, what the competition may be doing, what threats your weaknesses are exposed to, and fundamentally, list conditions that can hinder your success

GAP Analysis and Action Planning

In addition to a detailed SWOT Analysis, SPS will continue to provide service at the highest level, by creating both a GAP Analysis and Action Plan for your anticipated training program.  These two extremely effective resources, in addition to the SWOT Analysis, will provide your business with the needed blueprint for success, which will assist your organization with executing peak performance and provide service at the highest level.

GAP Analysis

SPS will provide a detailed GAP Analysis which will highlight the current state of your training program, the desired outcomes, or “where you want to be,” and determine what steps should be taken to fill the gap, meet the desired outcomes, and perform at the highest level

Action Planning

Strategic Planning + Systems Thinking = Eight Strategies for Success

SPS does not stop at analysis, but offers our clients a way out, providing them with a visual action plan to assist them in their success.  The action plan utilizes the eight strategies for success from the transitional learning process, or TLP, to provide its clients a needed blueprint for development and implementation.

Remember, TRUST THE PROCESS and success at the highest level is possible!